Internet Radio newbie needs help



Guys, I've been looking into internet radio and like the idea of a pay as you go option as I get into this new world!

I run an mp3 download site for unsigned artists and think that providing a streamed, pre-recorded radio channel would give the customers a better try-before-you-buy experience. I presume that "radio" is the way to go rather than podcasts?

Anyhow, questions:

1) All I want to provide is a link from our homepage to the radio - is that as simple as having

2) Is there any possibility of altering the look and feel of the radio via CSS for example to match the main site?

3) I presume that I want shoutcast and enough bandwidth for no more than 10-15 listeners initially. I also think I need AutoDJ - true?

That's the start of the questions :)


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MP3 download site, would that not be better to have a preview of the MP3's available?

Most if not all digital download sites have previews of the tracks before you download them..

Setting up a streaming radio to preview MP3's before you download is an unusual way for that kind of setup, i may be wrong?

Hope that helps.



You can use radio to help promote the artists, but it's not really ideal and I shall explain why I say this now. Say I want to purchase the track James May - Top Gear Mix 2010, but you have 300+ tracks for sale.. there is no way of my knowing when the James May preview will come along, as the Auto DJ is just random.

There is, of course, a way this *could* work. You have the artists make a 'mix' of all of their tracks, and then schedule that in to play at a certain day/time (which is possible using the control panel) and then publish that day/time on your website, then people who are interested will tune in and listen to the tracks.

As for your other question, about the radio fitting in with the current site... you only have to embed the player into your existing layout, so that is really simple.. no need to even alter CSS, just add in the HTML code to your page and away you go!!