Is Shoutcast V2 an option?


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Yes, we can provide you with a Shoutcast v2 server. We just do not publicly offer them at the moment that's all. But we are going to be offering them through the normal sign-up process around Christmas time.

But if you would like us to set one up for you now, then please drop us an email via

Ok, some confusion here. I am running a Shoutcast V2 server here, and an Icecast V2. I don't have V1 at all. So what is my stream from here connecting to .
Shoutcast v1 just doesn't do metadata properly. And what about album art?
.. hmm
So in my set up here with my own shoutcast servers and Icecast servers, I guess in my set up to you, you provide me with something like to hook my stream to from my Encoders here in SAM.


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Right ok, we see now. We was not aware when you originally posted this that you already have existing Shoutcast / Icecast servers until we read your other thread post a moment ago.

We offer Shoutcast v1 / Shoutcast v2 and Icecast v2 servers... If you are already using Shoutcast v2 and Icecast v2, then for compatibility and to prevent any metadata issues just go for the same server types with us. You do not need to use Shoutcast v1 if that's an issue.

Our server control panel has server "relaying" settings. In this you just enter another servers address / port / mount points into the relay settings and the remote server (your existing server) will then act as a source for your stream on one of our servers. We can help you with setting this all up if you require any help with it.

Alternatively if you did not wish to just relay your current servers, then when you create an account with us we provide you with all of the required server details that you can enter into your encoder (SAM) to broadcast directly to one of our servers instead.
That's good. I completely understand now. So given that I can stream to you directly from SAM, that's probably what I would do. That way, I can keep an eye on numbers etc myself as well. I wouldn't want to go messing with relaying, probably rather unload some of the process from my server here actually.

So good, thank you for you patience and help. Now I know exactly what that process is.