J N D Radio.Com

i looking for a dj to come to my station and dj for me. i have a lot of slots open and i like them to do a 3hr shows for me for the station and i do have appiication to fill out and i can get back to you as well. its a good station and i think you would love the site and the owner as well. i been with my station over a year now and doing well with auto dj with listners as well. come and join me i would appreciate it so. judith

Rick Hart

Saw your post very interested in being a part of this opportunity being presented at this time, I have a program is call Friday Nite Heat Radio. Presented By KangoBlackHouse Its a Friday Nite Program which features live interviews upcoming artist with great commentary & providing the Hottest Underground Music etc. give me some more info email me KangoBlachouse@yahoo.com