Joining internet radio directories question?

Hi I was wondering if when I joined a directory do their service connect to my stream 24/7 as a host for their service.
I seems to be getting logins for weeks using unfamiliar user agents.
At the moment it not a problem but obviously there using data. I didn't want to restart the server and go through setting my genres again but maybe I will have to restart. Can you give me any advice!


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What user agents are you getting connect, is it FMODStudio/2.02.14 ?

We are getting hit by these bots from all over the place, they quite often sit there for an hour or so at a time and as they are being actively blocked, if it was a real person, they wouldn't be sitting there still trying to connect every second for an hour or more.
I've have noticed a few different user agents, I use to get a lot of rippers but don't see them no more.
The reason I asked about directories is because I have a joined directory joined OnlineRadioBox which seems to use a bot (well I think that's them), but now I got something called "Panel" what has been logged on for over a month, I'm just not sure if to kick their ip out, just in case it's a directory bot.
Anyone got any ideas on what going on?


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That Panel IP resolves to a webserver

We have that same IP and user agent connected right now to our own server, not the one here.

I would assume it is something like an IP TV type thing.

Just as an update if you enter that IP into your browser i get come up, not https though, only http.

OnlineRadioBox is listed further down your list there, i believe you can ask them not to have their bot connect to you 24/7 or alternatively you could just block the user agent. OnlineRadioBox do not restream you, they will just direct people from their website to your stream. If they were to restream you, then they'd be paying for all the bandwidth for that not you.