Llamacast.net - Internet Radio Station - Fully licenced with DAB+ time


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Hi Folks,

A few friends and I decided to get together and start a podcasting / internet radio station called Llamacast.net.

Think of it as a radio station with shows being recorded and being available as podcasts. These shows will put into a weekly rotation automatically and be available via our rewind / listen again feature.

Here is where our offering is slightly different. We're fully licensed by PPL and PRS music authorities. In addition, we're hoping to federate some of our shows to local FM Radio stations that we have contacts in and we've been given a few hours of DAB+ (UK) each week. We plan to share this air time between us in rotation each week.

So, what we're really hoping for chat / content based shows on topics or features of you have an interest in. (roughly 60/40 content/music split) There is a load of blurb on the below link if you would like some more details. If you are a just a music presenter, I'm sorry but this isnt the station for you.

joinus@llamacast.net is my email or presenterdaniel(at)g-m-a-i-l.com is my personal email address if you're interested in getting in touch.

Thanks for your consideration!

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