LogIn to Internet Radio?


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Hi, Can I log in to Internet Radio?
I'm sure we were able to login before to change genres etc. I can't find how to do that for our Station.
Many thanks


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When I click any other station I go through to a page for that station but when I click Santa Radio, it doesn't take me anywhere?


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Hi Santa,

I've created a page for your stations listing: https://www.internet-radio.com/station/santaradio/

No, as you do not host your stream with us then you won't be able to login and update your genres. In order to edit this information you will need to make any changes from within your stream encoding software's settings or from within your servers control panel / shoutcast authhash settings as we cannot edit this information we are afraid.

We only extract this information directly from your servers meta data as can be seen here:


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Ah thank you so so much for coming back to us. THats very helpful. We will try and fix it that end.
Thank you for allowing us to be part of Internet Radio. We have the latest banner on the website now too.
Best wishes
Santa and Head Elf.