hI, i AM STILL LOOKING FOR A DJ FROM 12:00pm UNTIL 3:00pm dueing the day for jndradio.com we have a nice station and i think you would like it and its a drama station and a 3hrs shows on the station for each dj there. i have a application on the station you can fill that out and i judith hagan will get it from the application would appreciate any one with experience in doing dj's work for volunteer work for station and thanks!! Judith Hagan
robbie mack i needing a dj for my jndradio.com i have several slots avaiable to dj on air for my station, i have application you can fill out and my email is djflamingstar@cox.net i like for a dj to due a 3hr show on air for me and i have a skype you can talk to me too. thanks judith

Robbie Mack

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Hi Judith - seems like you play country music? I think I know about 6 country songs so i don't I'd be a very good fit for you!
well you dont have to play country you play what you want to play no dirty songs or rap songs is all i have a lot of slots open too thanks judith