Looking for a station with lots of live shows


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Hey everyone!

My name is OnKeys, I'm a DJ/Producer from Essex, UK.

I mainly mix House/Garage music but I also play Jungle/DnB/Dubstep.

Previously I have been a DJ on Broadcast (FM) radio stations in the UK such as Monster House Radio 88.3FM and ShakeFM 103.7 and even ran my own radio station for a couple of years too.

I'm not necessarily looking for a station with lots of listeners, I'm more interested in radio stations which have a sizeable pool of DJs who play live as I see these stations as the ones that will grow the most.

Any recommendations?

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Hi OnKeys,

Please check out Have A Blast Radio, haveablastradio.com. We may be small, but we will be great!
If your looking to be part of an up and coming station, we are looking for presenters , your mix of music would fit well over Over at splash damage, click the link in my signature tune in and apply.