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Hi There,

We have been using Centova since we first opened in November, it’s been nothing but hassle with scheduling shows, our stream going silent and such. We are looking for recommendations for automation software available online to upload music & shows. I know there is Playout One and things like that but has anybody used any, can recommend anything good for an internet radio station?




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You stream to it, but I guess I'm old school that way. This thing does have an auto-dj, but I never had used it. Typically, people use a computer and stream up. I use a windows based program called Jazler, and its ok with doing it, but like most, the auto playlist generator requires database tuning. I use Jazler on one computer as a source into my dynamix broadcast console into a symmetrix stereo AGC, and then into a rane balanced line distribution amp, and a stereo pair goes into a focusrite scarlette 2i2, then into a windows pc with the winamp shoutcast dsp plug-in with winamp to a dedicated cable modem connection up to internet-radio. The Jazler does have a nice dsp engine and its supplied with a nice plug that has demo modules in it for specialized processing needs. The only limitation I have is I want a nice cloud system so I don't have to have the talent track in the same location, nor have to share just one location for voice tracking. So I'm in the process of making one, but I'm keeping Jazler as a audio processing computer and set it on live external feed in the software.

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If you are confident with Linux the Airtime fork Libretime might be worth looking at (I ran Airtime on a VPS from Netherlands a few years ago, it worked fairly well but had some bugs so you had to keep an eye on it and check the scheduled repeats hadn't disappeared - then the Airtime dev team decided to prioritise a paid for cloud service (which is quite high priced) ahead of the community version so it got forked.



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I just quickly looked Libretime at the github. nice. But yes, its not that easy to make a scheduler database.I could probably take what they are doing, fix what is not right with theirs, then customize it or just write one......


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If your not a site coder and want a good panel with heaps more features than Centova.
In saying that I have Centova running on my servers but the above panel is impressive.
If you have an account here you can encode this panel straight into it.
7 day free trial but it is 20 usd a month with 20 gig of space.
The price is the killer when your running multiple stations so I use Centova.