Looking for DJ internet radio station

Jah Serb

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Kurt Krakowian looking for a fun internet radio station to DJ for 70s & 80s music. I have prior experience in radio & internet radio along with acting. Thanks Kurt K.
Hi Kurt,

I am the admin for TGMRadio.com and we have a nice amount of followers and listeners, on twitter well over 50k.
We have a nice selection of selectors from around the globe, playing a bit of everything, reggae, soul, afro funk, dnb, dancehall, rnb, but we still have few slots available. We promote our dj's every day, we've broadcasted live from Lord Gellys sound (Notting Hill carnival) and we have lots of things stored for our TGM Radio family. We are also very supportive of each other.

Please have a listen, have a look on our website and if you like what you hear and see, let me know. You can also email us: tgmradioltd@gmail.com

Many thanks,