Looking for paid DJ slots


Hi, My name is Stuart Bishop A.K.A DJ Echo Killer,

I am currently a radio presenter for WBR ,and was looking to branch out a little,
as i enjoy radio and broadcasting,and was wondering if I could join your team as a radio presenter in 2018?

Please check out my promo,I use top of the range broadcasting software,and i have a great following of listeners for my shows.

Kind Regards!

CATV Radio is a radio station, broadcasting 24 hours a day, we are rebranding on the 1st February and would like you to be apart of our station whether it's helping us behind the scenes or being a presenter.

We've been on the air since September 2016 and every day we bring you a unique mix of great music from the 80s to now along with all the local news and information about what's going on in this part of the world.

CATV Radio is on air right around the clock so whether you're waking up, in need of a daytime pick me up or soothing to sleep, we're always here to keep you company and in touch.

It's this special blend of music, entertainment, news and local information and we have our very own CATV Radio magazine but don't forget that you can be involved too ...

get in touch with us if you wish to apply anybody any age welcome.

WEBSITE: www.catvradio.tk
EMAIL: contact@catvradio.tk


Hi,I am very interested in the position for Radio presenter,I have experience of being a live broadcaster since Nov 2017 on a couple of part time stations,
I am ready to commit full time and can do up to 4-6 hour shows per day!

Please feel free to check out my promo,


Kind Regards!

DJ Echo Killer-AKA Stuart Bishop.


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