Major streaming problem

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Uninstalled old plugin and installed vers 1.9 at 10:00pm this morning

12:30pm it dropped and is still down coz the studio is unmanned. I am really getting fed up with this. It is happening every day now and just wont reconnect after it has dropped:mad:
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Connectio problems

Hi scorpio , i had a very similar problem and it was nothing to with any of the software and equipment , turned out when i done a speedcheck on my isp (bt at the time) my 8mb speed was only 1mb (shocking i know).

I am not saying this is your problem but its worth checking your internet speed if you broadcast at a high bitrate you are going to need a good connection speed.

I have since moved to 02 broadband and i get a stable 5.5mb up and 1.8mb down speed and no problems with connection's.

I done line checks too and they all came back good - do your own speedtest for piece of mind.
If you done your line checks with your provider they are going to say there good let's face it, they wont tell you the truth will they !! - The Global Broadband Speed Test (use this to speed check)

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Good idea rollinradio, well worth checking out. It is possible that the connection is down for too long and the encoder gives up retrying because of too many errors. This is why it is recommended the reconnect seconds value should be tried with a higher value like maybe 60 seconds. This will improve the chance that the connection is working again when it retrys and it doesn't time out.

I understand your frustration over the matter but this is definitely a local issue as the server remains up without problem.
ok got the PC in my shop now and is working better, but, isn't there always a but:)
Now the stream seems to be hicupping thats the best way I can describe it. It doesnt seem to buffer just getting some funny hicupping sounds. Could this possibly be that I am uploading 2 streams from 2 different PCs and the upload just cant handle it


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always a but :rofl: hehe

This hiccuping or stuttering of the stream is what happens when your upstream bandwidth capacity is slightly too low to handle what you are streaming.

You can check this out with - The Global Broadband Speed Test you need to measure you upstream capcity. So for example if your upstream is 256kbps and you are streaming 2 streams at 128 kbps then you will likely have this hiccup effect as there needs to be some spare bandwidth available.

Our recommendation would be to drop the bitrate a little until this problem goes away. Also bear in mind that if this internet connection is used to web browse or use any bandwidth through skype / msn ect this can cause an issue.

You really need a nice high capcity clear connection for the best streaming quality.

Hope this makes sense and best of luck 8)
Stream problems

Hi Scorpio,

I have a few dj's on board that suffer this problem when they connect at 128kbt only way to solve is it drop the encoder rate down (could try it in mono mode might help)

The audio quality between 80kb and 128kb is not a great loss so no real issue's

As i said in my last post a good bandwith is essential if using high bitrate's.

If you really want to encode at 128 or higher look into getting a faster isp (what I ended up doing)
Just out of interest are you using cat5/6 or wireless ?
If you are connected wireless try plugging in a cat5 or cat6 cable see if that helps.

problem with hicupping has resolved itself. As i said in my last post at the time I was uploading separate streams to 2 differnt servers (testing one) and as sonn as I dropped the test stream all was ok. So it was my upload speed.

Also the main issue has now been resolved:p hopefully. I talked the guy into buying a new modem/router now all has been fine since Thursday

Thanks for all your help guys:eek:


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Excellent Scorpio glad to hear it :) Best of luck with the radio 8)

Bear in mind it might not necessarily be the router it could be his internet provider thats the problem.
I have been telling him for over a year that he has connection probs both internally (intranet) and externally (internet). Changing the router was the best option and seem to have worked:)
Until the next time:p


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I get messages from my listeners that the connection drops all the time, but from my end it seems ok, I don't see disconnects in SAM.

Edit: Seems ok now again..
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Listener disconnects could be speed problems with their own broadband connection - you'd be surprised how many people can't listen at high quality speeds (128Kbps and above). You could always try reducing the quality of the stream and see if listener connections improve. Remember also that they shouldn't be downloading anything else at the same time (e.g. windows updates, anti-virus definitions and certainly not torrent file sharing or anything like that) as these will all take up valuable bandwidth on the line.

What speeds are your listeners having problems with out of interest?


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Thanks for helping out Dave :)

Im going to close this thread now to avoid any more thread hijacking by people seeking support. Mivo, if you could start a new tread if you have any issues. Support (and perhaps if we are lucky, Dave) will be about to give you some help.
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