Mature DJs wanted.

Kevin Robb

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New station all set to start on 1st Dec. This is a family orientated station aiming at a 30 - near dead listening audience The stream will be 24/7 with DJs from all corners of the globe from the Arctic to the Antartic.
The station's philosophy is "Have Fun".
Rules a few. There are no stand over bosses.
A licensed copy of SAM provided while on the station.
Most of all I am looking for those who have a sense of humor, love talking and can communicate with people on air and in a chat room.
Our family can help you with the basics.

DJ Magic

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Where do you apply ?
I am UK Based
I have a licenced copy of SAM Pro 2019
16 Years Experience as a DJ
Love to talk and I do have a great sense of humour .... I will pick my head up off the floor later :D
You can contacted me here:

I look forward to hearing from you
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Dick Lee

Would like to talk to you more about your station. You can contact me at ""