Mix Show DJ lookong to join a Hip Hop and R&B station

Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by black ceezar, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. black ceezar

    black ceezar New Member

    I'm a mix show type DJ who does all kinds of music but prefer Hip Hop, Jazz and R&B. I rarely play the stuff the radio plays. It's more like Hiatus Kaiyote, Anderson Paak., Yuna, Skyzoo, Rapsody, Phonte and Foreign Exchange, Blood Orange, Blu, The Roots, Wu Tang and artists like that. I can do pre recorded shows. We can workout the format, dos and don'ts, days and duration. You can email me t blackceezar@gmail.com.
  2. DJRambo

    DJRambo New Member

    Can you do live show's by any chance? check us out http://ifmradio.co.uk

    We play a big variety. and we might just help you out!
  3. black ceezar

    black ceezar New Member

    DJ Rambo might be able to do live stuff around September. Right now I'm all over the place getting ready for school to start and all that. I'm on the station listening. What times and days are we talking about?
  4. DJRambo

    DJRambo New Member

    Well you can check out our schedule http://ifmradio.co.uk/schedule.html and see if there's any day you can fill in. and doesn't override other djs

    Let me know ASAP

  5. black ceezar

    black ceezar New Member

    I could do 5pm Thursday and Friday your time that would noon where I am. 2 hr slot. Can you do pre recorded? If not like I said I can go live sometime in August.


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