Mixxx setup


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So, the big thing I had wrong was the login box-- which for internet-radio.com is "source" as you can see in the image. The password is set in the options you can find at internet-radio.com control panel. U: source P: {{whatever-password-you-had-set-for-source}} .

I also had to tweak the Sound Hardware options, but those I was able to sort out myself and the specifics of my computer are unlikely to help you with your computer. Unbeknownst to me my keyboard ribbon cable also came undone, so there was that completely unrelated thing.

I am not monitoring or receiving notifications, just sharing this so that you have a better chance at helping yourself. Take care.



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I would also like to add that Mixxx is free for a reason. I know a lot who use this software because It is free but out of the people I know who use it, A lot do have issues from time to time.
Always better off using a reliable software with support whenever needed like SAM BC or RadioBOSS.
Yes you do have to pay but you will always get support when needed.

I did try Mixxx once and after 10 mins I purchased RadioBOSS for personal use.(You get what you pay for )


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I would disagree Demo.

Just because it is free that does not mean that it is not any good. It's open source software!

Any automation software such as RadioBoss is essentially just a programmed jukebox, Mixxx is for live DJ's. It offers DJ controller support, works with time-coded vinyls and has some very nice features. I've never experienced any problems with it and they do have a support team and community forum.