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we are now live 24/7 365 days a year big thanks to internet radio servers for your support with this and all your help and technical expertise


we are looking for mixes from dj,s not just from the uk from all over the world basically to send us mixes useful links etc to help us grow if your a dj and @ present your budget is tight and are thinking of branching out into net radio but havent got the finances but would like to get yourself heard contact us with a link some short info about yourself a link to your mixes genre must be hip hop dance house electronica bouncy house anything with kick ass beats basically mix length must be @least 60 mins but 120 mixes will be accepted max limit is 240 in length this is to enable us to keep within our server upload limit


we do not expect you to outlay anything financially for this all we ask is that you link to us via your twitter feeds my space page facebook account roc 4 life or any other social networking space you have and promote our station in return for us airing your content this help us to increase our listener base in turn allowing us to sell advertisement space to clients however if you do decide we are worth it you can make a dontation via paypal at our website its only £1.00 one pound uk a quid basically if you dont wish to donate thats fine our charitable coffers will kindly extend to this

please note if you do submit a mix we like to see that we are being promoted via your social pages 1st before we air mixes

also any stations out there that would like us to add a link to our homepage we will happily do this for a link in return
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