More than 1000GB Bandwidth?

Emre Onder

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I'm planning to open a radio but my radio will be open in 40-50 different places which will play it in 18 hour in a day. Beside this listeners, I will probably have 60 listener in a month. Therefore, I'm curios about bandwidth size.

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Hi Emre,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for your interest in our services. :):)

We have a bandwidth calculator which will give you a better idea on the level of bandwidth usage that you can expect based on the amount of hours streaming and the listener numbers connected during this time:

We can always cater for as much bandwidth as you think you may require. We have monthly plans over 1TB if that should ever be required!

We hope this helps? Please feel free to drop us an email via you have any more questions or if there is anything that we can assist you with at all, thank you.