MP3 Files Bitrate in Media Library "versus" Streaming Bitrate

I usually upload my mp3 to the media library at the 320 kbps bitrate which is the original bitrate of my files. Later I ask AutoDJ to present them in 128 kbps. Could this be the cause of my huge bandwidth consumption? I ask if there is a previous conversion (from 320) to this requested bitrate (to 128) before the transmission? I await your thoughts on this. Thank you so much !

Tony Macedo - Radio estilo Leblon


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Hi Tony,

We have already replied earlier this morning to your email about this. Perhaps you did not receive it?

Yes streaming at 320kbps would consume more bandwidth than streaming at 128kbps for example, almost 3 times the amount. The higher the bitrate then the higher the data transfer amount basically.

The AutoDJ will re-encode these files into a lower bitrate on the fly, but this itself does not use any bandwidth.

Hope that helps.


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You're welcome. :)

We would also suggest re-encoding your files at the same bitrate (96/128 kbps) that you intend to use from here on and then uploading them again. This will use up less storage space on your account and allow you to have more files. It is generally good practise to have all of your files encoded at the same bitrate as per your AutoDJ's configuration settings.


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In my experience re-encoding tracks from 320 to 128 is easy done But, What happns if he ever wished to broadcast in 320 in the near future??
High bitrate tracks will easy go down without any real loss of quality but as soon as you drop to that 128, You are stuck with 128 as trying to revert back to 320 is just not possible without loss of sound quality.