MP3 Player/Multi Broadcaster/Streamer All in one


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Hi there people,

a Little introduction i think would be in order. I am from South Africa and my call name is TSpeed. I have my own Internet radio station (Sunset Classic Rock) running for +-5 years now and i hope that i may add value to this forum because of my experience i gained on the software side. Being a programmer, i was curious about the workings of icecast / shoutcast, so i programmed my own, from MP3 player right through to caster. As the MP3 Player, Broadcaster and Streamer were all seperate applications, i decided to combine them all into 1 application (Sorry only Windows) and make it available to the public domain. (free)

The application uses LAME Encoder for broadcasting, multiple Kbps streams ranging from 32Kbps to 320Kbps. (MP3 only)
Meta update functionality is built in, even auto update metadata to Tunein if you are registered with them.
Playlist for live streaming as well as auto DJ with up to 9 slots. Load your jingles (radio imaging) and the auto DJ will play it randomly.
Display country, region and city of listeners.

If you are interested to check it out or maybe use it, click here to view the download web page.

Below is a screenshot of the application.

Any questions welcome. I will do my best to answer.



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If you DO NOT have a web page hereby a demo index.html and title.html web page for the RPlayer.

Extract html's to your web path folder as specified under settings.
Click Port 80 checkbox to activate.

Create your logo image (.Jpg, .Bmp or .Png 180 x 150 pixel size is ok) and save to web path folder as above.
Create your Favicon.ico and save to web path folder as above.

Edit the index.html with any text editor and replace the following:
1. Search for RADIO and change them all to any mount name as specified on your streams.
2. Search for LOGO.JPG and change it to your Image name as above.
3. Search for STATION NAME and replace it with your Station Name.
4. Search for STATION SLOGAN and replace it your Station's Slogan.

Don't make any changes to Title.html , as the application will fill in the artist and title dynamically.

Your listeners can now access your radio station

or if your service provider supplied a static IP

or on your LAN

Download Demo HTML here