New Radio Station on a budget!!!!

Casimir Engine

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Hi InternetRadio

Just in the process of setting up and I'm completely new to the server side! I'm thinking I'd be a PAYG customer. We have had broadcasts previously with a bitrate of 64k and approx 20 listeners. Obviously we would like to increase the listernership! Am i correct in thinking that the cost would be £3.60? How long does that give me online?


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Hi Casimir,

The cost of £3.60 is for 10GB of streaming bandwidth on our "pay as you go" plan. Please see the following guide which explains how our "pay as you go" bandwidth prices work:

We have a bandwidth calculator that will give you a better idea of the kind of bandwidth usage that you can expect based on your estimated listener numbers and the bitrate that you will be streaming at:

So for example, 20 listeners all constantly tuned in for 1 whole hour at a bitrate of 64kbps would use 0.55GB of bandwidth.

Hope this helps.