New Station Now Launched - Simply70s


A station that truly lives up to it's name.

Simply70s programs the complete range of 70s music with pop, rock, disco, punk, and whatever else was around from 1970 to 1979, whether that be hit singles, flops, classic album tracks, or the huge array of music most people have never heard before.
It's a big task, but we're throwing everything at it to give our listeners a varied experience one hour, to the familiar comfort of those old classic hit singles the next.
Online requests are available through the web site, and we have a choice of streams with the web site player streaming AAC+ 64k, and our stream through the Internet-Radio.Com service is the familiar 128k MP3 format.

So, give us a listen, as we bring you the 70s and nothing but the 70s.

128k MP3 Stream:
128k AAC+ Stream:
Station Web Site:
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That’s awesome!! I’m a digital jockey and I’m looking to host more shows. If you’d like to chat reach out.