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Jane Broom

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Hi Folks,

Trying to set up a radio program to stream through Icecast. I am using Radiodj initially as I want to do a test run first before investing in a paid program. I have downloaded Radiodj and MYSQL, I also need to download Altacast and Voicemeeter. I am computer literate but completely bamboozled on how to set it all up and run the programs. I have looked at YouTube videos without much success. I live in West Yorkshire. What I need is someone who can run me through it in layman's terms. I do not mind paying for someone to do this.

Many thank you's
Jane Broom


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Hi Jane,

Firstly welcome to the forums. :)

Unfortunately we do not personally have any experience using any of that software that you have mentioned, so we are not able to assist you with this we are afraid. Is there not any user manuals with the software on guides/faq's on the developers own websites. We suggest contacting their support teams if not.

Hopefully some of our other members might be able to assist you with this anyway.

Jane Broom

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Thank you. There are a lot of you tube tutorials etc My biggest problem is lack of technical knowledge for downloading the programs. I shall persevere :)