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I am new here and need a little help.
My Avox Internet Radio will die soon I fear as its connected to Reciva data base.
I think what I need to do reading here is to save the streaming URL address of stations to my streams?
I have found many of these for my favourite stations and have loaded them.

Unfortunately I cannot find this address for "Truth Frequency Radio" at
Does any body here know it ?

Knowing me Im probably doing this all wrong and will end up buying a new radio!

Thank you in advance for reading and any replies.


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on the "listen live" page there is a very small line with "more options" and icons for winamp, Windows Media player etc.

which has the link below

inspecting the .pls file (you can save it like a download, and look at it with Notepad) contains this further link

hopefully one of these should work with your online radio...

I suggest to folk from other stations reading this - make these URLs easier to find; this means people who regularly listen to your station can store the direct URL in any device they have (also useful for listening to online radio in a car via Bluetooth streaming from a mobile phone or an aux cable)


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Hi General Lighting
Thank you for your time and research.
I did find those links, but my internet radio only works with links that begin http://
(Not https://)
I have no idea why.
All my other stored streams begin http:// and work fine.
I just cant find a http:// address on the Truth Frequency Radio site.
All other help welcomed.
Kind regards

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unfortunately it looks like TFR are only streaming with https:// URLs - have looked for firmware updates for this radio or any info about how to get round the issue but not found anything.

Unfortunately because some commercial services linked to smart speakers reject anything that isn't https:// some stations are only broadcasting using the secure streams (at the community radio stations we have had to provide https:// streams for this reason..)


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I much appreciate your time and work here.
Looks like Im stumped with this station.
Im gutted to lose Reciva as its linked to my Internet Radio.
I might invest in another radio later this year but I dont want another
situation where the data base closes like Reciva is going to.
Any idea which are good radios to buy and reliable data base that wont close on me here in the uk?
I feel like Ive been cheated buying the radio (now brick) that I have!

Kind regards

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TBH you may be better off just obtaining a cheap (maybe refurb) mobile phone or tablet and linking it to a set of portable loudspeakers (or if your existing set has AUXin or Bluetooth you can still use the speakers in it) - with this arrangement you can just install VLC on the device (no ads or other annoyances) and play the streams from there..

I've seen other Internet radios but without having used the device myself I wouldn't know if they will handle both http:// and https:// streams., and the rest of the Internet industry (including browser manufacturers) is pushing broadcasters towards having to provide the encrypted streams (even though its a bit daft in the case of a radio station that is meant to be listened to by everyone!).

OTOH VLC player on a mobile phone streaming an online station from Canada worked in my car during a drive 15 miles from the rural areas to my home, I wasn't even expecting it to work that well given the differing signal strengths and multiple base stations I would be going through, so it should be even better at home just using one wifi connection..


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I take your point about radio stations meant to be be listened to by everyone.
Here in London as a kid I was always messing with antenna's and tuning into short wave radio
to hear the Voice Of America at night.
Then I got into Ham Radio listening on HF.
Then Internet Radio came along and I thought it was the best invention ever!
Its only been around 5 mins and it seems they are closing it down, or at least want to.
Yes, I have a old tablet and take your point.
But isnt it just so great to have all your favorite world stations in a memory next to the bed that you
can tune into in the middle of the night without any effort.
All done whilst the wife is still snoring!
Just a thought, all those people here in the UK who had expensive Sono's systems streaming to every room
via ceiling speakers will be P'd off if their internet radio data base goes down.
Best regards (again)