News feeds


I feel sure this has probably been talked about before, but can't find anything now I'm looking for it...

I'm working on getting a new community based online station up and running in the Mansfield / Bolsover area. Managed to rent a studio space, got most or the equipment and (thanks to the folks on here) starting to get some syndicated shows lined up. But there is one thing that is causing me real trouble... News, weather and travel bulletins.

We will have the facility to download bulletins into our playout system (Rivendell Audio) a few minutes before they got to air, but I'm having real problems finding a provider at a reasonable price. They either want crazy money for a subscription or don't seem able to provide a bulletin of a consistent quality and length so it can be easily fitted into the schedule. The situation is so bad I'm considering producing them in house. So if I'm going to do that, I was wondering if any other stations or individuals would be interested in helping to produce some of the bulletins? Also, are there any other stations out there who would be interested in taking the service for a very small fee? The idea is to produve about 3 minutes per hour of news, weather and possibly traffic that stations can download at say quarter to the hour for playout at the top of the hour. It will be the same file on a website that you have to keep re-downloading to refresh the service.

Would there be a demand? There doesn't seem to currently be a provider well suited to online, community and small local stations.

Let me know what you think.