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I am using the edcast dsp v3 plugin for winamp, but also have the same problem with the edcast standalone.

Audio card is a built in Realtek AC97 on Win XP, dual core intel.

The VU meter on both the standalone and winamp plugin are both doing their thing, bouncing around as they should we with the level of music.

The IR site is showing me its broadcasting, with the MP3 tag ids coming through just as they should.

But after the intro file is played from the server, there is no live, just blank audio.

So I setup edcast to save a log of the stream, which it does, and the stream plays just fine.

I did the same setup on my laptop (Vista) and everything works just fine! So Im pretty confident its not an issue with my Edcast settings. Short of a reinstall of XP, does anyone have any ideas?

I also tried the trial version of simplecast, same problem.

Previous to this I had checked the IR port was not blocked by my ISP.

Anyway, here is hoping someone has a solution.



PS I have the XP firewall turned off at the moment, and am watching the outgoing network traffic on my network card (100Mbps), its showing 0.04% utilisation which seems around right for 32 kbps stream (I have a 40kbps account on IR)
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Hi Steve. Im pretty confident your problem is related to the intro file. Your intro file must be exactly the same bitrate / samplerate / channels as your stream. I would remove the intro file first and test it again.

If it works then the problem is the intro file and you should change the bitrate / samplerate / channels to exactly the same as what you stream at.

Let us know how you get on 8)
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