Non-commercial online radio for beginner bands?

How would you like to participate?

  • Give my songs

  • Do my show

  • Just listen

  • Curry favor with you, persuade you to make me an admin and then destroy the server

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Hi everybody!
Recently I've been thinking of creating a non-commercial online radio for beginner bands. I have some technical expertise, can set up a server etc.

The problem is the idea hasn't found many supporters so far.

Initially I conceived it being targeted on our local bands. I started spamming hard on Facebook, but few people did respond. Then I thought that if I take a broader approach and don't limit myself to the local area, I can find more followers.

To get things running, firstly I need a bunch of performers who will kindly provide their recordings (even low-quality ones, actually it may be even better, that's the whole idea and spirit of the thing).
Secondly, it could be nice to have some shows or interviews or reviews or something. They may be pre-recorded and aired on schedule.
Thirdly, I've thought of live performances, that is, live broadcast from someone's gig.
Fourthly, it'd be great if everybody involved spreads information thus attracting more audience.

Clearly, I can't do it all myself, it should be a collective work.

Also, it should be noted that at the beginning this endeavor won't bring money. I can pay for the first few months of server hosting, then if the thing takes off I'd like it to be crowd-funded to lift the burden from me at least partially

Thus I'm looking for enthusiasts who will like the idea and work together.