Online community station seeks experienced presenters


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Hello folks, we are WVR - check us out here -
We pride ourselves on our service to the local community and the standard of our presentation. Our audio quality is second to none.
So ... we are looking for volunteer presenters who have some experience and who take a pride in their work. If you take that pride, it's certain we'll be proud of you in return!
Key points - please read before applying:
  • Our shows are all voice tracked, we use excellent software which is easy to use. Live shows are NOT possible, so please don't apply if that's what you're expecting.
  • We want DJ's with personality, an ability to handle written local news items and who are reliable. We don't have room for club mixes and DJ sets, sorry.
  • You'll need a Windows PC/laptop and decent USB mic (or mic and mixer). If you don't have one we can recommend inexpensive solutions.
I'd point out that we're a real friendly bunch and that we don't 'play politics' on our station.

So that's it - we have a contact page here where you can register your interest - Or if you prefer you can email us directly -

Thanks very much for reading,
Simon Guettier,
Controller WVR