Paid Position



Hey all Stations, Im Matt and I have been looking to DJ Full-Time from Home and make a career with this, I Love Radio/DJ/Broadcasting/Streaming, I have 10 years plus of Radio Streaming online running my own stations and working voluntary for others on and off since 2005ish. I love to dj playing music, taking requests playing dedications etc. just love it all and I just wish I could find some station owner out there that could afford to pay their dj’s/staff a rate just like a regular job, I would love to be home with family more and get paid to work from home. I would give my full attention to that station and work hard. I know most stations online are for the love of DJ and radio, voluntary, but its tough to do that on top of working a regular job etc.
I am just hoping something is out there, if I could afford it, I would pay staff for internet radio and people putting their time in to DJ etc.
just looking is all. If anyone offers anything like this, please let me know.

kind regards,

Matt (Jammin’ M)