Peaks and troughs


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We are planning local community radio stations across a number of towns. There are likely to be peaks and troughs of listeners and we won't know numbers for a while. I guess each town would be a separate station.

I know we can start PAYG, but I am not sure how your Custom Server works with over 100 users at a time and we need to budget our costs. In other words, on the custom server, if we exceed the number of users, what happens and how do we pay for extensions?

Further, are we able to change bitrates for different days or at different times, say for talk shows vs music shows?

Can you help?

Regards, Peter


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Hi Peter,

Our servers have listener caps in place, meaning that further listeners cannot connect once a station has reached its listener limit.

You can only change the stream bitrate on our PAYG accounts, this is not however something you would be able to do yourselves. We would need to do this for you. However we are afraid that we would not be able to alter this several times a day for you. If you wish to use an alternate bitrate for talk shows etc, then perhaps setting up a second stream (account) would work better for you.

Hope this helps. 8)