Why would a general playlist be playing if it is DISABLED thereby SUPERCEDING THE SCHEDULE PLAYLIST? I'm in complete confusion of why I can't trust this server scheduling. I'm in complete misunderstanding why after a few songs I have to hear songs from a list I disabled that SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING...Is there something I am missing? I have been attempting to perfect this for a year. This is hit or miss and right now with all my investment I am really looking for answers or I am going to have to go another route.


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Hi E.B Smith,

Which of your two accounts is this happening with please? If you could give us the username that would be great so that we can take a look. Also which playlists in particular are you referring to please?

You shouldn't be manually disabling the general rotation playlist (you always need at least one to remain active), but you can however limit this to play only at specific time of the day in the playlist management.

From the Centovacast user manual:
If a General Rotation playlist has been configured for only a specific time period, it will only be included in the rotation during that time period. During that period, it will be treated just like any other General Rotation playlist, and included in the rotation based on its weight. Outside of the configured time period, the playlist will be treated as if it is disabled.
You may find the following section of the user manual helpful with this:

So please let us know the account username and some more info on which playlist and we shall take a look for you.