Pop Up Player/Site Page Details

Hey all! Couldn't seem to find this on the forum or in the settings - but the name of my site is Breakin' Ballz Radio Network. It's like that everywhere that I can see. But the site's page and the popout player show Breakinballz Radio. That's sloppy, and I'd like to fix it.

Also, the pop out player (which I linked from my website because the site's page shows listener numbers) doesn't show any now-playing informatioin.

Would appreciate any help.




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Hi Rob,

The reason that this is displayed as 'Breakinballz Radio' is because of how you have your stream title configured under your 'Mount Points' AutoDJ settings.


So what you will need to do is correct that setting for the mount point name and then give your server a full stop and restart in order for the change to take full effect.

The pop-out player does not display the "now playing" information. There are various 'Widgets' though that the control panel provides the code for you to add into your own website which can display such information. https://www.internet-radio.com/community/threads/widgets-in-centova-cast-v3.15049/

Hope that helps.