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Discussion in 'Shows' started by Ginger and Nuts, Dec 31, 2017.

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    Looking to add a bit of fun to your station?

    Ginger and Nuts present one of the best radio shows which now airs on more than 18 radio stations across the globe. From the UK to Ukraine, Australia, and the USA.

    It's a one hour, weekly show that's fun and interactive with listeners - and it recently got voted the number one community radio show on Mixcloud.

    We are already working alongside big companies, and have interviewed big stars like Sir Ken Dodd, Gloria Gaynor, and so many others.

    For more information, visit - www.bestradioshow.co.uk, or email studio@bestradioshow.co.uk

    Our latest show is also on our website.
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    would like to get you on my radio please contact me ::: contact@gr8chats.com

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