Possibility of merging radio stations


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We know that there are so many internet radio stations out there and everyone is trying to get their time slots filled, which to say this least is very hard. We are looking at the possibility of merging radio stations so that we can fill slots and get new listeners. If you own a radio station and maybe would like to merge please email me at admin@adrradio.co.uk
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Great idea and I have thought about it many times.
Like team up a UK station and a US station. This would give you double prime time spots on the merged station.
Due to the time zones this could work well.
All the fine print would have to be worked out, with a bit of give and take between the two parties.
We all know every one wants their own station and so many out there are running a few DJ's and getting no where.
The costs to run a station legal is huge for most, so combining makes sense.
Lets see how this thread goes , I will watch with interest.


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interesting and not a bad idea like sonic said small print would have to worked out but networking to join forces especially with a usa station could work well. interesting
fill free to email us at contact@iconicextra.com if ya fancy putting heads together


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A concept I would like to add to the thread is duel encoders/simulcasting.
The DJ's are listed on both station schedule's and fire up two encoders when they start their shows.
Again it would be up to the owners to do generic shows or promote both stations.
Dj's would have to have a reasonable net connection as far as upload speeds.
I would entertain this idea with my station if it was a UK station and prime time slots don't overlap.
Station genre's would have to be compatible also.