PPL Music Webcast Licence changes for 2021


PPL is planning to combine the three existing licences into a single 3 tiered licence, called 2021 Linear Webcast Licence. This means more cost to some, but cheaper if you are a smaller station.
Currently fee is £231 ex vat for up to 270,000 performances** per year for the cheapest PPL Licence.
Proposed fees for 2021 £150 ex vat for up to 150,000 performances per year(Band 1)
£250 ex vat for up to 270,000 performances per year(Band 2)
Minimum £500 ex vat above 270,000 performances per year (band 3) Tracks are charged at 0.1p each recouped against the £500, so a Million performances per year cost £1,000 ex vat if my maths is OK.

** Performance = 1 Listener for 1 track. 270,000 performances per year works out roughly an average of 49 listener hours per day if you play an average of 15 tracks per hour.

Changes/more detail to the conditions of the licence also, for example

Reporting down to 2 a year instead of 4.
Another one, you can verbally announce the next track coming up but not as text on your player/website, I don't think I've seen this before.

More info (bedtime reading) at https://www.ppluk.com/music-licensi...icensing/online-licensing/consultations-page/

As for PRS fees not heard of any changes yet :)


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And if you don't Geo-IP Lock then you are subject to licence conditions to other countries.
99% of stations say that they are Fully Licenced BUT in reality, They are not because they can't afford to be.


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I think if a station with say up to 30 listeners pays for a license in their country are at least trying to pay royalties.
Its the wanna be stations popping up everywhere that don't attempt to pay any dues to copy write material are the ones needing to be targeted.
I pay my license every year out of my own pocket, not with donations how about you!
Pay your dues people the artists depend on it.