Presenter, looking to get back into radio


Hi All,

Back in 2012-2014 I used to run my own online station, which I enjoyed. I enjoyed creating the website, and running the station and the planning side of it too. Like many of us, I struggled to attract listeners. It was more of a hobby than anything. When I left college and started full time work, I gave it up, as I moved away from home and didn't have the space nor time for a setup.

I'm now thinking about getting back into online radio. I've been away from it for a long time, but beforehand, I used to broadcast my own live and pre-recorded shows. Mostly I'd be focussed on current chart music, and some 90's/00's music too. I liked listener interaction and a bit of chat in links. I'm quite keen on production quality, and liked to have good jingles, beds etc to make a good quality output.

I think I'd like to get involved with an existing station, in the hope there would already be a few more listeners, and also, now in full time work I don't think I'd have the time to run my own station again.

I haven't even got to putting together a demo yet, as it's a recent idea to get back into it, but I just wanted to put feelers out there, if there were stations looking for presenters. I'm probably a bit rusty as I've not been in front of a mic for 6 years, but I'm sure I'd pick it up again after a bit of practice again!

I'm by no means a mixer, definitely a presenter rather than DJ, but I like to think I have a good taste in music, and know what people like!

I'm 24 years old from Southampton, UK.

Be interested to hear if you think I could be a part of your station!

we at ieradio are looking for djs to do live shows we love all types of music and have a good crowd that tune in so if you fancy giving us a go we have time slots open drop a mail to or you could always come see and fill a app out at we look forward to hearing from you
DJ Harley