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Hi there,

I am about to launch an online radio station using Icecast with my current ISP, but I would like to ensure that I plan for the future!

Could you give me an idea of how much it would cost for the following at 128kbps:

Unlimited broadcasting times
1,000 listeners
Unlimited listeners (if that is even a possiblity!)

I realise that you have put your prices on your website, but I wondered if this is fixed or if it is discounted for larger numbers of listeners. For example, with the figures you quoted, would it really cost me £960 per month for 1,000 listeners at 128kbps?

Alternatively, could it be that I am just be stupid by even thinking about going for a monthly subscription of this type with the possibility of 1,000+ users and I should be looking at something completely different? :)

Any help would be much appreciated - as you can tell, I am a little new to this!




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Hi Helen

To be honest your estimate of 1000 listeners is likely to be way high unless you run some major community website already. Its only the top internet radio stations in the world that get into 4 digits. Your best bet is to start your radio with one of our pay as yo go servers and then you can gauge better what you expect your listener capacity will need to be. We can move you on to a monthly unlimited billing model (same server) at a later date when you are ready. We are open to offering discounts for larger listener numbers if you drop us an email when you are ready with the figures you would like (i.e. after you have tested with the PAYG server).

Let us know if you have any further questions :)