Problems to install dsp_edcast.dll


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Hi !
I had a PC crash recently and I am installing the software to stream my radio again.
When I try to install the dsp_edcast.dll into Winamp, it shows that the plugin is "NOT LOADED".
After the crash I also had to install Windows 10 again. Am I missing things that are needed to run
Edcast again ?
Please help.
Many Thanks - Eric


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Hi !
Thx … sorry to tell you I still can't install the software.
It keeps on telling : NOT LOADED :)
I removed Winamp completely and re- installed it.
If I try to copy the .dll file into Winamp it says I don't have the rights to do this,
although I changed this in the application (marked full rights).
Strange - in my other notebook with windows 7 the dll loads without any problem ?


Meanwhile I managed to get on line again…. I can stream with my Win7 PC - but not with Win 10 PC, as Winamp on this Pc won't install the DSP .DLL
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That last solution s a little bit cheap don't you think ?

Here is what I did :

As Winamp / Ecast runs smoothly n Win 7 PC, I
copied Edcast and Winamp + settings to an external HD
and than pasted the whole shop to C/Program files in Win 10 PC.
Looking good…. & what's more : it works (again) !!!

Thx for your help - hope this may help others too ...



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That last solution s a little bit cheap don't you think ?

No, not really. They are essentially the same and at least with the Shoutcast DSP plugin it can all be done within Winamp without having to have another window open like you do with the Edcast DSP.

I'm pleased to hear that you have this working now anyway! :)


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Hi Every one !
Recently (october 2021) I had same problem ("NOT LOADED") with Edcast DSP plugin for winamp.

First i made a search on the internet, but as i could not find any solutions i decided to analyze edcast.dll in order to find out it's import section.
I discovered that edcast requiers 15 DLLs.

The first 7 dlls are part of windows and are supposed to be present on any version ranging from XP to 10.
They are :
WINMM.dll / KERNEL32.dll / USER32.dll / GDI32.dll / SHELL32.dll / OLEAUT32.dll / WS2_32.dll

The next 6 dlls are part of Winamp itself :
BASS.dll / vorbis.dll / ogg.dll / libfaac.dll / libFLAC.dll / pthreadVSE.dll

And the last two are part of "Visual C++ 8.0"
MFC80.DLL / MSVCR80.dll

Therefore in order for edcast.dll to work properly one must download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 (aka 8.0) Redistributable Package (x86).
It's a single file named "vcredist_x86.exe".
NB : winamp and edcast are x86 NOT x64 !
This file can be downloaded on the microsoft web site :

I have tested successfully Edcast on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10.
Good day every one