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I'm looking into starting an Internet radio station, and have looked into the licence requirements from both PRS & PPL.

They advise that certain stats are available from the service provider (you). Are you able to provide the following information:

PPL - A Webcasting Report detailing the number of Listener Hours (i.e. thr aggregate duration that all users stream the service), and the average number of tracks played per hour for the quarter. Information for this requirement should be available from the service's streaming provider.

PPL - A Territory Report detailing the countries to which the service has been streamed during the period as agreed with PPL

The wording of both requirements has bee taken directly from the PPL "Online Radio FAQ".


Yes - you can get all this information within your Control Panel.


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PRS & PPL Stats

Do you have sample screenshots or can you direct me to some??

BTW, looking at the Prices page, there seems to be a calculation error for Monthly Subscription. The example is for 20 listeners at a bit rate of 128. It says 20 * .96 = £14.40. My calcs make it £19.20!