Thursday 05 December 2019 @ 20:00 GMT , plus repeats

As the upcoming UK generalelection is so important, we're making our pre-election programme available as a podcast immediately (normally it'd be after our Sunday repeat).

:cool:Listen to it NOW at :

(Depending on your browser settings, it may start to play automatically. If not, just go to the player at the top of the page).

It'll also be broadcast at the usual times on Hive Community Radio (Jarrow).

So join us for some great music - where else would you hear the likes of the Workers Party of Jamaica In-House Reggae Group rubbing shoulders with the likes of Lee Perry and Tom Waits ?

01 - Kick Out The Tories (Newtown Neurotics)
02 - We A Socialists (The Youths)
03 - Scary Politicians (Lee Perry & George Clinton)
04 - UKIP (Jonny & The Baptists)
05 - Wat About Di Working Class (Linton Kwesi Johnson)
06 - The Most Dangerous Man In Britain (Artist Taxi Driver)
07 - Lean On Me (Redskins)
08 - Statement (Poison Girls)
09 - A Change Is Gonna Come (Baby Huey & The Babysitters)
10 - I Feel Like Jeremy Corbyn (Sam Harrison)
11 - The Internationale (Workers Party of Jamaica In-House Reggae Group)
12 - Work, Rest, Play Reggae (Patrik Fitzgerald)
13 - Wrong 'Em Boyo (The Rulers)
14 - Bello Ciao (Tom Waits & Marc Ribot)

:cool:New show each Thursday @ 20:00 GMT, repeated Sundays @ 19:00 GMT and Tuesdays @ 20:00 GMT.

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