Radio imaging and DJ drops made online, $2.40 US each, less than 5 seconds.


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Fully produced sweepers, music promos.
Use our voices or upload your own.
Makes a completely unique piece of imaging each time.
Download immediately. No commitments.

Dear professionals,

It's easy, just select your format, select your station name (and slogan if you use one), then click the produce button. 3 seconds later, will play a piece of imaging it's produced just for you. If you like it, add it to your cart, if not, click the button and make another.

Here's some user comments...

"Your site is the coolest I've seen yet for easily putting together image liners."

"Only one thing to say ,Imaging Thing is a great service.. Our radio station sounds professional now."

"it's AWESOME!!!!!"

To be fair, others have said...


"this is a toy, i'll stick to producing my own stuff with Pro Tools"

"what a**hole designed your contact us page?"

Should something like this ever replace the creativity and finesse of a skilled imaging person? Never!

Is it the greatest imaging you've ever heard? mmmh, maybe.
But when you consider spending an HOUR making the most AWESOME music promo ever (not to mention needing all the sfx, beds and music hooks )... clicking a button and producing a REALLY SOLID piece of imaging in under 5 seconds DOES allow you to keep your station sounding fresh with much less effort, freeing you up for other things.

My thanks to you for your time and consideration, and to for allowing me to post.

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