Radio Jupiter - Music to plug the generation gap!

Radio Jupiter is a professionally run UK licensed internet radio station and is looking for presenters to do Voice Tracks (VTs). No experience with VTs is necessary since we will tell you all you need to know and even give you a sample playlist to try it out. You will need a microphone, broadband and a computer. We provide all of the music, you provide the voice!

We are an all day music station playing almost 6000 classic hits and hot new releases so the station has a fresh new sound every week - we are NEVER boring!

We are programmed by Peter Philips who was the programmer for Radio Caroline 558 in the 1980s when that station had over 4.4 million listeners. Radio Jupiter is a modern version of that success story. We are also supported by the legendary Radio Caroline Johnny Lewis, who hosts the Radio Jupiter stream. So, we know that we have a great sounding station and we are growing fast. Have a listen at to our morning show hosts from 9am UK time. You will never know that these are VT shows.

We have facebook, twitter and instragram posts updated daily. Our website is updated all of the time. We are very active in getting listeners to find Radio Jupiter. Each of our presenters bring a host of new listeners with them, which is fantastic. All of our feedback has been 100% positive.

The station is supported entirely by volunteers. We have a diverse team, all working remotely, some in other countries. We are expanding our shows to the afternoons this coming September. If you are interested, please contact us at the for more details. We would love to hear from you.

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I'm old enough to remember Caroline on 558 back in the 80s (shortly after Laser disappeared), and noticed how it changed from being "your Dad's pirate radio station" to something you would listen to when younger (TBH I still listen to Radio Caroline today in the car), I'd wondered for 30+ years who changed the format!

TBH you are better off starting your own thread (like here) rather than replying to all those old threads from 2-3 years ago, but I hope you do find some extra volunteers..