Radio POP looking for DJ's


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We’re currently on the look out for the best On-Air Talent and DJs. We may be fresh to the scene but that doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting on our hands. We’re looking for interactive individuals or teams with personalities and excellent microphone and interpersonal skills.

All of our DJs are volunteers, We play all the Top 40 / Chart hits - Think Capital but without the ads! If you’re enthusiastic, we can teach the rest. It’s not all about the music either, we want to see listener interaction.

The Basics

We don’t discriminate and neither should you, Radio is for all!
  • DJs must have a varied music collection with great emphasis on top40 / chart hits/ New releases.
  • All DJs must have an internet connection with a minimum 256k upload speed, a quality pair of headphones, and a good microphone
  • You will also need a laptop or computer.
  • We encourage our DJs to be free and creative concerning the content of their shows so be prepared to develop your own playlists and ideas
  • We are a United Kingdom based station, our advertising and main based area will be the above therefore all applicants need to be fluent in English.

Radio POP broadcasts 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Potential DJs are to commit themselves to a minimum of 2 hours per week.

Syndicate Shows
We’re open to the idea of syndicated shows. Were also happy for pre-recorded or live shows!

Thanks very much for reading, if your interested in a role please email:

Please also visit our website: Click here!


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I know you mentioned your looking for live shows but I do have an idea to spice up your weekend nights with a Mixshow of some sort! If you're interested in that idea I produce a weekly mixshow in the CHR/Top 40 format!