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    [QUOTE = stationZilla; 25257] Ajoutez votre propre station de radio à

    - remplir le formulaire en ligne
    - attendre quelques heures pour que le nous ne pouvons vérifier les données
    - être averti dès que votre radio ont été publiés - Il ' Simple S - C'est rapide - gratuit C'est clic pour ajouter votre station de radio [/ QUOTE]

    thank you I did not know and it's always good to take : Clap:
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    • Twitter ads and Facebook ads
    • Mentioning artists in tweets and Facebook posts with your website link
    • Competitions
    • News, Facts, Music Related Content using online networks.
    • Separate twitter account if using a auto tweet system of songs played
    Remember you have to build a fan base with online networks, so try not to use your timeline aggressively promoting your station all the time, use as I mentioned above with News, Facts and Music Related Content and Funny stuff. Make sure you reply to mentions. Don't be afraid to tweet or post to someone to checkout your station who it may interest.

    Go out there and promote your station with flyers. Use shops that may relate to your music. Write to local news papers, bloggers, your subscribers. ( Remember emailing your subscribers once a week not a bad thing, so keep it constant to refresh people memory's.
    Working with others helps a lot, a one man band your find to many strings to pull.
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    Here I add lots of directories of the entire world where you can add your radios...

    It is tough, but it is worth it.

    German directories

    Greek directories. submit to

    Caribbean directories. ... io-tunein/

    Brazilian directories

    Others ... t-promote/

    Send your url of the station and it will be automatically added to more than 700 directories for free:
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    Nice work jorgear. ;)
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    Thank you. There are lots of directories out there, continuously appearing new ones, if I know more, I will post them here.

    For example two more:

    Thanks if you can put them in a visible part of this forum so the radio producers can find them easily.

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    Hi there, some directories are asking for a stream URL. Where can I find my stream URL?
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    Trying to submit to For some reason the stream I am giving them doesn't seem to work. They are asking for an MP3 stream and I have given them the one I have used everywhere else, but doesn't seem to work. Any ideas anyone?
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    Hi Adam,

    We are afraid that we cannot supply you with a URL with the .mp3 extension at the end. But if you use your servers raw Mp3 URL instead it will still work the same.

    So the URL you need to use is;

    With Shoutcast servers you just add a semi-colon at the end of the URL for the raw Mp3 stream.
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    I think promoting your radio station is probably the hardest things ever. Especially since no method is guaranteed to provide results. For me, I'm currently using some of the following strategies;

    Live shows - I am actually doing some live shows probably the same as everyone else, and having specific content for these shows - for example I have a show all about the musicals and one with chilled out songs and cultured chat. I find that these are easier to promote and capture a certain audience - knowing your audience is of course paramount. (

    Social Media - I am trying to post regularly on the station's social media pages, inviting people to the Facebook Page and also retweeting the station's tweets to my own personal twitter. I also use social media to post the links that we talk about during the shows and also the quizzes which we do in an attempt to promote interaction and hopefully listeners

    Different Presenters - I am currently trying to get a range of presenters to produce shows for the station so that they bring some of their own listeners to the station who might stay on for the other shows or the autoDJ (

    Webpage - I also have created a webpage so that regular information about the station can be posted - not sure how effective this is though.

    I don't have many listeners at all to the station (max 10) but we are still persevering :)
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    Hi, just wanted to let you know that I created a Directory just for Creative Commons radio stations If you own a CC radio, please feel free to add it. Thanks
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  14. Plaess could you email me at as I need your help with something
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    maybe it helped you freind BUT its Not Always helpfull people try it 2-3 min s long as they seen the post AND constantly doin it will just PISS people off
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    I am starting a new Creative Commons based radio station.
    Creative Cafe Radio.
    Let me know if you need any more details.

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