Radio Station Update


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How quick does your station page update?
We have our station listed within several genres but it seems slow to update your end.
At the moment we have a presenter on air for just over 1hr and Public streaming enabled but it is showing as our autodj system your side.



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Hi Demo,

This is updated every 3-4 minutes for externally hosted stations and 15 seconds for internal ones. We would have to look at your listing when you are next live to see what's going on.


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There is something totally wrong here as once again we have had a LIVE Presenter on air for the past 90 mins and your stats show 0 listeners.
Also the stream is set to Public and our icecast has your directory link included.


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Now you know more than anyone that statement is so incorrect as you have joined our Discord and seen a average of 100 in there and it is very active. Plus the fact we have more than 600 Game Servers with our radio plugin installed.
Don't post just to boost your member forum activity stats. (Like you have been doing the past few weeks)
Disappointed with you with a comment like that when you know us better :mad:
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