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    my radio station wont play it only plays the intro and it doesnt go to the station it acts really weird with the jplayersc1
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    Hi Digitalera Radio,

    We just tuned into your stream via and we can see what you mean. Yet this works fine when you play this back from within your control panel instead?

    We downloaded your intro file and we noticed that it is at a bitrate of 64kbps with a sample rate of 48000hz and in Mono. This should be 128kbps, with a sample rate of 44100hz and in Stereo as per your AutoDJ's 'Encoder' configuration.

    We have also noticed that you have uploaded music files of all varying different bitrates as well. These are not consistent and they should all be encoded at the same bitrate as configured for your streams AutoDJ settings (128kbps). The files sample rates (i.e 44.1khz) and number of channels (i.e Stereo) also need to be consistent (as above) as any inconsistency's can cause you playback issues with some players. We do think this is perhaps a file issue rather than a fault with the AutoDJ feature itself, so we recommend removing all those files, re-encoding them all at the correct bitrate etc and then uploading them again.

    Hope that helps.

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