Radio Station's 'Parts' For Sale.


After spending a lot of time over the last few years trying to get an Internet Radio Station working, I have decided to call it a day.

The main problem is the same that most online only stations seems to experience: very few presenters will to do anything else but present, most unwilling to promote their programmes in anyway, "you're the Admin, you do it", well I've finally had enough!

The equipment I have can be bought in one, or broken up, I have no preference either way. The vast majority of the equipment listed is either brand new, out of the box, or has had very little use.

The equipment comprises of:

2 x microphones and stands - one of which is a Behringer B-1 which is still in its box;

2 x Synergy C.D. Players;

Mackie 1402 Mixer, still in box;

2 x Widows X.P. based computers for basic surfing, etc., with keyboards and mice;

1 x Riso EP200 Duplicator (very rapid photocopier);


The server is, architecture wise, a personal computer, but comes with CentOS 6 installed, and all server functionality, such as mail, webmail (currently not working), D.N.S., Web, along with Virtualbox which has Widows X.P. installed as the 'guest' with playout system and encoders in operational order and sending output to Centovacast which is installed on the Linux Host. This server was setup for self-hosting, so please be aware of that!

Any questions or queries and serious offers, please E-Mail:

Thanks for your interest.