REDRAS|FM - Metal Station Recruiting


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REDRAS|FM is a 24/7 metal exclusive radio station from the team behind the popular alert system, REDRAS.
The station is the brainchild of växla and Gromit who have been previously introducing the genre to several stations
Curated by two metalheads, funded by the community and the love for sick guitar riffs, REDRAS|FM is committed to inspiring people from all around the world to pick up a sledgehammer and smash their house into tiny pieces.

REDRAS|FM and it's Presenters are committed to playing metal of all sorts. From black to doom, prog to sludge, thrash to post, punk to industrial.
The station's 24/7 broadcasting ensures the uninterrupted and indefinite flow of music. Each week, the two founders present In The Pit, showcasing the week's top charted metal hits as well as pick from requests from listeners.

We're excited to have like minded, eager and enthusiastic presenters to join our Team.
For questions or just for a hi, join our Discord below.

Watch our launch commercial -

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