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Hello to all,

I'm Setfan a French music producer living in Quebec, in Canada. I'm in Electro, Downtempo and Dubstep. I'm new to the forum and i come in with some fresh news. My new mini-EP is here and ready for download. Some details after to tease you on the mini-EP:

•Miss You is a mix of Downtempo, Dubstep and electro, really cinematic.
•Impress is the new and EP edit of Impress already released before. It's a mix of Dubstep, low heavy beat with some dirty electro.
•Rock Da Crowd is my kind of typical Setfan electro dirty pop track, clubby and sexy. Melaniejane is again performing the vocals on the track.

Some links where to get the mini:
Rock Da Crowd | setfan

Setfan Website

Setfan | Facebook

Itunes links will come later. Don't hesitate to click on like on my facebook page. It is on the go, lot of things are in process to be completed.

Don't hesitate to comment. A deluxe version will be released soon with more contents and other surprises.