SAM Broadcaster Pro - discounted price

Hey all! I just purchased SAM pro last week, did not realize that they offer a great package deal with the cloud service, and now they won't let me take advantage of the deal retroactively.

Therefore, I would like to sell my copy of SAM. It's normally $300, I'm willing to let it go for less.

Hit me up and let's talk.


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No need to be rude. I was just asking since I don't have that kind of money at the moment, it is good to nice things for people.
Thought you were being rude, so my apologies for the sarcasm. However, I am not going to give away $300 after only a week no matter how angry I am at Spacial.

Good luck to you.


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Refunds are granted in two cases:
  • SPACIALNET was not able to deliver hosting to the client as specified in our SLA.
  • Client is not happy with service and requests a refund within 7 days of service activation.
So in your case if you are not happy then you are entitled to a refund, there is no mention in their policy of any free trial preventing you from this.
HOSTING - that's for their cloud product. For Broadcaster Pro, the site clearly states that because there is a fully functioning 14-day trial, no refund is issued.

Regardless, I'm now over 7 days anyway as it's been nearly that long since this post.

Thanks, everyone.


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Yes I understand that part, I thought perhaps the second case would be applicable to you. Fair enough though, only trying to help!