Seeking 50's-60's-70's & 80's DJ's


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Have you always wanted to be a DJ ?

Currently Bullseye Radio is seeking on air talent to fill in shifts, to help us to go live 24 hours a day - 7 days a week .
The times available are on our calendar on our front page at
There are many time slots available.
Our Oldies DJ's can play music from ANY genre BUT . . . . . .nothing past the year 1989.
If you have never DJ'ed a day in your life but have always wanted to , then this is for you !
If you have DJ'ed before and want to expand your talents into the internet field , OR are looking for a station change with a station that is SERIOUS about what they do, then this is for you !

You must agree to adhere to our policies and rules that keep us legal & sounding professional, they are simple rules , nothing that cant be followed easily , such as, no vulgar or x-rated shows , no hate or discriminating shows , things of that nature , there is no discussion about this. Putting in the promo's as required that keep us legal.
All DJ's with us are required to be a DJ ONLY for us and not multiple internet stations, We have tried having a few DJ's that work for other internet stations and it just doesn't work out well.
These requirements are non negotiable.
That's the way it is. If you cant agree to that , then please do not apply.

All positions at this time are for experience & fun only , hopefully when we get bigger , I will be able to offer a pay of some sort , but right now you would be doing this with no pay, to get your name out there.

We have a DJ process to be followed before you begin any on-air show. If you do not go through the process , you will not be allowed on air , simple as that.

While we are strict on the rules that keep us legal, we are lenient on the fun that you can have with BullsEye Radio.
We have a state of the art Video chatroom , using state of the art Flash Technology , where we gather with our listeners , take requests , joke , laugh , go on cam , and it is really alot of fun. We have a good crowd of people.
And we have a state of the art community website with all the amenities , games , blogs , forums, video uploads , photo albums , cam of the day and much much more !

There really is no other internet station on the web today that can offer all the interaction we have.
We have worked 8 years at perfecting this site and have geared it towards the more mature adults who want to get away from all the teeny bopper childish antics and drama like most communities have !
Welcome to a fun, drama free zone !

Our professionalism excels !
We are associated with some of the biggest names in the Oldies industry.
We conduct interviews with many of these MAJOR talents in the Oldies music industry .
Some of the legends we have been honored to interview are names such as :

* Joe Terranova ( Joe Terry - Danny & the Juniors )
* Tommy James ( Tommy James and the Shondells - Who re-appeared via phone for the 3rd Christmas season call in a row now )
* Gene Cornish ( The Rascals )
* George Galfo ( The Mystics )
* Gary US Bonds
* Bobby Vinton
* Pat Boone
* Tom Garrett & Linda Yost ( The Classics IV )
* Mel Carter
* Carl Giammarese of The Buckingham's
* Florence LaRue ( The Fifth Dimension)
* Charlie Thomas - ( The Drifters )
* Jimmy Beaumont - The Skyliners
* The Dixie Cups
And those are just "SOME" of the artists we have already interviewed !

All the Times that are available are Eastern Standard Time .
When applying for a certain time , please keep this in mind and adjust to your time zone.

We are a happy , professional, family here and hope you will consider joining us. PLEASE INQUIRE BY EMAIL FOR MORE INFO -
Or take a look at how luxurious our site is for yourself :

Remember , when people want the best . . . . they Aim for the BullsEye !
Be part of a winning team , a great family of friends , and part of the people that really do have a love for music.

Here are a few things you'll want to make sure you have before applying :
1) A large MP3 collection . . .at least enough music to do a 3 hour show
2) A headset mic in good working condition that will bring your voice across the air clearly
3) An idea of what type of show you want to do
4) A fast computer with at least 3 gigs of ram

Must be serious and want to really be part of a team and not looking just to promote yourself and be popular for you and you alone.
We dont need ego's , we need people who really appreciate the art of being an Oldies DJ and want to join a successful winning team that is really making a name in the internet radio industry.

John Michaels
Owner / BullsEye Radio Broadcasting
When you want the best - Aim for the BullsEye !



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Hello John,

I've been thinking about getting back into some sort of radio for awhile now. Originally did some radio in the 80's and early 90's and a party dj since. Would be interested in knowing more.

Michael Wade (Wade Michaels)